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  • About BikeNet - About an original bicycling forum that I founded on America Online but that is no more. By Tim Oey, January 2000.
  • Basic Bicycle Maintenance (PDF) - A checklist/outline of the basic things everyone should know about their bicycle, including how to fix a flat. Fixing your own flat is easy and cheap and only takes 10 minutes (or 2-3 minutes with practice). By Tim Oey, 1988.
  • A Bicycle Tour of Sunnyvale Parks (PDF) - Two short and easy bicycle routes in Sunnyvale, California for parents with kids. By Tim Oey, 1994.
  • Voice Signaling - How to use your voice when bicycling to help yourself and other cyclists. By Tim Oey, 1988.
Computers Electronic Documents
  • Looking for Electronic Publishing Formats... - An article written in April 1993 about the current state of electronic documents. At that time I was the forum leader for BikeNet on America Online. The web and HTML had recently been invented but I did not learn about them until the fall of 1993. The web and HTML really didn't become well known until 1994 and 1995. I rediscovered this article on the web in December 2000 while at Adobe on the Acrobat team. I made some interesting comments in 1993 about Acrobat (which I had just seen in 1993). Strange I should stumble across this article again after starting to work on Acrobat. I continue to be very aware of the permanence (and fragility) of electronic documents. I currently (as of December 2000) believe that ASCII text, JPEG, HTML, and PDF will be enduring formats.
Ethics Harvard Life
  • The Life of a Dream - A poem about my time at Apple. Sent to my friends when I left Apple in 1997. By Tim Oey, 1997.
  • Carl Murtagh Epitaph - About a good high school friend of mine. By Gerald Murtagh, August 1993, with a few additional words from Tim Oey, November 2000.
Zero Waste
  • Zero Waste - Why and how to go Zero Waste. By Tim Oey, 2016.
Still to be written and/or published...
  • Children - Kids, Computers and the Internet - The best approach to keeping them safe is to do it with them.
  • Privacy - What Privacy? - What you should try to keep private and what you should not.