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Google Sites

If you want your own domain name you can register it with your favorite Domain Registrar for $10-30/year

How to Start:
  1. Recommended but not required: Set up a Gmail Account at https://mail.google.com/ for the AYSO region, area, section, or desired entity. This master account should be the primary owner of all Google based assets (sites, docs, calendars, photos, etc).
  2. Go to https://sites.google.com and login with the master account.
  3. Push the "Create" button and follow the instructions to create your site. Enter information as desired.
  4. Click the blue "Share" button in the upper corner to grant read access to everyone and edit access to those you want to help you update the site. Individuals should use their own personal Google Accounts when uploading and editing so changes can be tracked. Any email address can be a Google Account.
  • Free, including hosting
  • Easy
  • Default logical organization is reasonable and consistent
  • Clean User Interface
  • Backup is free and automatic (handled by Google)
  • World class security
  • World class servers
  • World class network
  • Very large user base with extensive documentation
  • Can use built in sites URL or use purchased domain name
  • Integrates easily with Google Groups, Calendar, Maps, Docs/Drive, Picasa, Youtube
  • User Accounts are administered by Google
  • Infinite undo for all changes (!!!) - this is HUGE
  • Easily allows multiple people to update the site (built in content management)
  • WYSIWYG editing -- don't need to do any coding but you can if you wish
  • Many templates and themes available
  • Can easily create and publish AYSO Region Site Templates
  • Constrained somewhat by platform to a typical look and feel, if you want to have a very customized look and feel it requires a serious web developer. But most Regions are probably ok with the default look and feel.
  • Support mainly provided through documentation and other users
  • 100 MB of storage (but 5 GB of photos can be stored in Picasa for free and unlimited videos on Youtube)

Best Examples:
http://www.ayso26.org/ - Region 26, Palo Alto, CA
http://www.ayso35.org/ - Region 35, Cupertino, CA
http://www.ayso64.org/ - Region 64, West San Jose, CA
https://sites.google.com/site/aysoregion34/ - Region 34, South Redondo, CA
http://www.ayso2j.org/ - Area 2J, South Silicon Valley
http://www.aysosection2.org/ - Section 2
http://www.sancarlosayso.org/ - Region 107, San Carlos, CA
http://www.davisayso.org/ - Region 218, Davis, CA

Other Examples:

http://www.ayso27.org/ - Region 27, Saratoga, CA
http://southbayvipsoccer.org/ - Area 2J VIP
http://www.orangeayso.org/ - Region 1335, Orange CA
http://www.ayso2b.org/ - Area 2B, Northern SF Peninsula
https://sites.google.com/site/aysosyv180/ - Region 180, Santa Ynez, CA
https://sites.google.com/site/aysoregion610/ - Region 610, Grass Lake, Michigan
https://sites.google.com/site/aysoregion894/ - Region 894, Monrovia, Alabama
http://www.lewisburgayso.org/ - Region 424, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
https://sites.google.com/site/hesperiaayso/ - Region 878, Hesperia, CA
http://www.ayso225.org/ - Region 225, Litchfield Park, Arizona
http://www.rl-ayso.org/ - Region 1111, Rio Linda, CA
http://www.ayso462.org/ - Region 462, Riverside, CA
and many more...