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BikeNet - RIP 1/10/2000

Subj: BikeNet - RIP 1/10/2000

Date: Monday, January 10, 2000 11:27:40 PM

Hello Friends,

This email is addressed to a few of the people involved with BikeNet over it's short life (and whose old email addresses still work).

It's with a touch of sadness that I acknowledge that BikeNet on America Online passed away on 1/10/2000. It was fun while it lasted (although at times it was also quite a bit of work).

As a historical footnote, The BikeNet BBS prior to BikeNet on AOL survived 2-3 years (I think). BikeNet on AOL was conceived in April 1992 (just prior to the world wide web taking off in 1993 and 1994) and was online from 8/1/1992 until 1/10/2000.

I had difficulty re-opening some old emails from that time in order to remember BikeNet's starting dates. It is amazing how fragile and impermanent information can be. At one time I had hoped that BikeNet could become a permanent repository of helpful bicycle knowledge. Oh well. Others are doing this better on the web than could be done within AOL. But even much of the web is here one day and gone tomorrow. For permanence, paper is still the way to go.

I believe that PHTerry was the individual that stuck to BikeNet the longest -- Patty, thanks for hanging in there. Kudos also to Adventure Cycling who carried the torch and then dying embers for quite some time. Thanks also to Nancy Gralow the original producer who helped me get BikeNet going.

Please stay in touch.


Tim (once known as TheCyclist)

P.S. There is now a www.bikenet.com that appears to have been running since 1995 -- it's an online Motorcycle magazine based in the UK. Based on a note from the editor, it looks like this BikeNet shares much of the spirit of our former BikeNet on AOL.

P.P.S. As of mid 2000, PHTerry continues to organize bicycling chats within the bicycling forums in AOL.

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