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Climate Ride
Skip the straw, save a sea turtle


For the sake of our children, species, and world, we should all pursue Zero Waste. It is the ethical thing to do. We have been given a beautiful world and it is up to us to take care of it. Otherwise mother nature will have her revenge eventually and our kids will suffer: Global Warming, Pollution, Disease, Famine, and War. Oil will run out plus it causes global warming -- best to leave fossil fuels in the ground. Plastics (also from oil) are killing our oceans...

The best Zero Waste books I've read (please borrow from your library or get electronic editions):

My favorite Zero Waste websites and blogs:

You can read about my own journey and discoveries on the way to Zero Waste at I don't post that often because most everything is so well covered by the above sources :-)

Zero Waste is a goal and a journey. Don't worry about perfection, just do the best that you can and keep working at it.

Thanks for reading and taking care of each other and our planet!